Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Movie Transformations

So this post has been sitting in my documents for a VERY long time. The reason being that it was originally written as an homage to having my braces taken off (which was around two years ago now), and because of that I wanted to make it the best and most thorough list I could. This turned out to be a bit too much pressure though, so I've decided to publish what I've already got (which is a pretty short and very random collection of films) and make this into a semi-regular thing. If I think of anymore, or you do, then I'll continue on. This is the type of conversation starter I love having with friends, and when we were younger me and my sister were obsessed with discussing the best makeup/style transformations in film, so I have a feeling this list is missing some crucial transformations and will only grow longer and become more accurate as time goes on.

Anyway, on with the list...

Captain America/Spiderman – they go from scrawny to brawny and become the hero of their respective tales. Oh, and they both get the girl.

Miss Congeniality – that makeover. ‘Nough  said.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Depp version) – you might be thinking I mean Charlie’s transformation from poor little pauper boy to Chocolate factory heir. I don’t. I mean the big-boss-man himself, Mister Willy Wonka. Remember when we’re shown a flashback of Wonka as a kid with braces and headgear to boot?! Well, that was me. Except without the headgear. And the evil dentist parent who never let me eat sweets. Oh, and I doubt I will build a multi-million pound chocolate corporation. But apart from that the parallels are uncanny!

V for Vendetta – Evie mainly, but also V. Both a physical and emotional transformation takes place, which impacts deeply upon the audience. Who can forget that last scene where we see all of those faceless victims of a corrupt government finally take a stand? This film gives me goosebumps and continues to make me think a lot about my own beliefs, even after god-knows how many views. Incidentally it was also one of the first films I showed my mother (who had previously refused to watch it, because sometimes she is stubborn for no good reason) that gave her faith in my cinephile-loving ways. 

Easy A – she goes from sassy yet innocent Olive to “I’m sexy and I know it” Olive and she owns it. There’s no peer pressure in this transformation (well, not really anyway…), it’s all the personal choice of Stone’s character. When she changes back it’s a nice transformation because it shows that accepting the original you is better than any fake-hoe act could ever be. Plus the films funny as hell and Emma Stone is sassy and perfect.

Mrs Doubtfire – It wouldn’t be a best transformation list without this childhood favourite. Who didn’t love that rascal of a nanny and funny-man Williams? The fact that he makes for a convincing woman is pretty scary really. Begs the question, do you know your nanny? Is your nanny really a nanny or an alien from outer-space? I guess we’ll never truly know…

Bend it Like Beckham – this film is girl power to the max and who doesn’t love a film with a bit of girl power. Our transformation takes form in the shape of lead character Jesminder who takes on her strict and traditional family and their religious beliefs so that she may follow her football-loving dreams.

The Punisher – this film is perfect for its presentation of a character who changes his whole being in the name of justice. But who wouldn’t in the name of avenging your entire family who were murdered before your very eyes?