Friday, 23 January 2015

The Affair - Episodes 2-6

Okay, so yeah, the whole episode-by-episode review thing didn’t quite pan out. I have a good reason though. Well, no, not really. Unless you count binge-watching and not wanting to stop this cycle of binge-watching to write a review a good reason?

My binge-watching and neglect of the reviewing does prove something about this show though – that being how mind-consuming and brilliant it is. Honestly I was hard-pressed to write this, but I figured if I left it too long then it would be pointless even writing my thoughts down, because who’s gonna wanna read a review that skips so many friggin’ episodes. Anyhoo, enough excuses and pointless rambling…

The plot has definitely thickened between these two characters, as you would expect for a show called ‘The Affair’. Episodes two and three concentrate primarily on establishing a foundation for the relationship between Noah and Alison. It’s not quite just lust that motivates the endless sex between them anymore, but an understanding of one another and an understanding of the fact that both are completely dissatisfied with their marital lives. What starts off as an undeniable attraction soon becomes a relationship where the two admit things to each other that they fear to speak about or admit to anybody else in their lives. When Alison confesses to Noah the death of her son and explains that sometimes she cuts herself to relieve the pain, you can sense a palpable change in the dynamic between the characters. This scene is quickly followed by yet more sex, except it isn’t just sex this time but something more. I hesitate to use the expression ‘making love’, a. because I detest that expression and b. because they’ve barely known each other a week, but it’s definitely a step in a less detestable direction.

As for the personal progress of the characters themselves, I remain loyal to my initial summary in the first post. I still dislike and distrust Noah. There is something about his character that just screams ‘secret sociopath’ and every time I look at the guy I question the sanity of Alison for picking him over her constantly loving and supporting husband Cole (but maybe that’s just because he’s played by Joshua Jackson who was basically the love of my life during my formative years when he played Pacey from Dawson’s Creek). I think the crux of my problem with Noah is that I feel like during his perspectives he is painting Alison out to be something she’s not. The guy has an ulterior motive, of that I have no doubt. Because don’t forget, at the heart of this romance lies a murder mystery, a murder mystery that undoubtedly involves Noah and Alison in some way. The victim, by the way, is none other than (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Scotty Lockheart – Alison’s brother-in-law and, might I add, one fine specimen of a human being. Could it be that Noah murders Scotty because he starts a secret affair with Noah’s 16 year old daughter? It would certainly be an interesting twist and would explain why Alison would help keep Noah out of the firing line with regards to the endless police questioning the pair face. PLUS, who says the show is about Alison and Noah’s affair at all? Scotty is married after all… OH SNAP, mystery solved by yours truly. (No but seriously, don’t listen to me because anybody watching the show would have jumped to that conclusion almost immediately. It ain’t gonna be that easy.)

Moving swiftly on… My love for the character of Alison is unwavering. That woman is so damn vulnerable and relateable I can’t help but think that she’s just being taken advantage of in her grief. She is clearly very damaged, and though she tries to put on a brave face and get on with her life, it’s very obvious that it’s just an elaborate act. Some of the reveals within the last 4 episodes though certainly do colour my opinion of the future Alison. For one, she is married (and since she was already married to begin with I can only assume it’s to somebody different) and what’s more she also has a child. This really makes me wonder how far in the future these characters are reminiscing from, because the Alison we see being interviewed by police is far removed from the Alison conducting an illicit affair in the midst of grief. Future Alison seems more aloof, calmer and collected. I get the sense that she is hiding something big, and as odd as it sounds the juxtaposition of past Alison and future Alison makes me uneasy. Clearly this show has a lot more to give and explain before we’ll finally find out what happens between this messed up pair and their involvement with Scotty’s death.

I’ll leave this post with both a friendly warning and deep encouragement. Foremost: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT WATCH THIS SERIES WITH YOUR PARENTS/FAMILY. THERE IS A LOT OF SEX AND GRAPHIC CONTENT (AND I MEAN A LOT), SO JUST STAY AWAY. Secondly, apart from the fact that you should avoid watching with family, you should definitely not avoid watching. Its compelling, complex and absolutely must-see TV. 

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